What is a Wayward Life…

Last year I turned 50, and like most, did a lot of soul searching, and life evaluation … and re-evaluation. You know, the usual things one does when those decade mile stones are met.

I realized that my entire life, I have always been the misfit, the lone-wolf, the wild child who walked her own path, had friends from a wide range of cultures, ages and lifestyles, and enjoyed my own company. I liked being alone and having the freedom to explore the things that interested me, which were definitely not what the other girls my age were exploring. 

Although I did dream of having a family, when I thought about it, what I really dreamt about was having children.  Little ones to share my own brand of wisdom and lifestyle with.  Someone to leave my legacy to.  But, over the last few years, I realized that can be done with a global family, it doesn’t have to be one of blood and birth.

Needless to say, I did never marry, hell, I never actually dated… which I guess is a key factor in still being single. The two incomes in my household were me holding down two jobs, and the tools that were used for repairs and furniture creations were owned and operated by yours truly.  We will discuss this in another post, because it lead to some interesting feedback from friends and family that always left me scratching me head in disbelief.

I didn’t live the typical life expected of someone from my generation.  I realized that this was because I lived a wayward life. And you know what, I’m okay with that.  In fact, I realized in creating this ‘brand’ of lifestyle, that there are more of us than not.  Women who went it alone, and that there are others, like me, who now find themselves the spinster daughters moving home to take care of aging parents.

So what is a Wayward Life? It’s not a life less imaged.  it’s a life MORE imaged.  Something beyond what society and the rules of conduct lay out as suitable, appropriate or normal for you based on your ‘gender’, race, social status etc. 

So, my friends, if you have read this through, and find yourself feeling a kinship to this little ole island girl in Canada, all I can say is… WELCOME, to My Wayward Life.  I’ve been expecting you!



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