Forget You Not… A Hallmark message from a Plant Spirit Ally

Dear Wayward Ones, Part of the reason for this blog is to share a diary of my life, a record of what was, for when I am but a memory myself. That all of you, my chosen family, can stand in witness, or in some cases, witchness ;P of my life.   And so it begins…Continue reading “Forget You Not… A Hallmark message from a Plant Spirit Ally”

What is a Wayward Life…

Last year I turned 50, and like most, did a lot of soul searching, and life evaluation … and re-evaluation. You know, the usual things one does when those decade mile stones are met. I realized that my entire life, I have always been the misfit, the lone-wolf, the wild child who walked her ownContinue reading “What is a Wayward Life…”